Brands and branding are becoming important themes for most businesses. Branding is becoming an imperative strategic tool for marketing strategists. Brand identity is the most paramount aspect that makes your business stand out from other competitors.

Knowing your audience thoroughly and have a clear view of the need that your brand covers. It is extremely imperative to have proper knowledge about google branding strategy to get a great outcome.

Some strategies are given below:

Build and Show

The brand, name, and logo of Google have always been synonymous with a simple blue, red, yellow, and green serif typeface. The colors remained the same. The Google logo has remained consistent over the last decade. On September 1, 2015, Google underwent its most striking identity change. The logos of Google are initially just plain letters but on further analysis. It can be seen that they feature the three primary colors in a row, with a secondary shade breaking the line. Google has briefly reduced its brand colors without altering its appearance drastically. Though its color has been changed, the brand has kept its recognizable colors and the font adjusted just a bit. This signifies that Google doesn’t always care for the rules and sets its own guidelines on changing the world.

Correct with Discretion

The Google’s brand logo featured a blue capital G, which was green in color in 1998. Nevertheless, the logo also included an exclamation mark. The alteration occurred to be meant to straighten the shadows of the company’s 3D letters. However, after less than a year, the brand’s logo silently disappeared as it became too similar to Yahoo’s logo. The exclamation mark-less logo was featured until 2010, and it was changed again in 2012.

Differentiate the Brand from the Product

Google is a brand that got worldwide recognized due to its key product: Google Search Engine. The company aimed to make a stand-out corporate message from the engine and created Alphabet. This initiative provided its employees with a clearer vision, mission, and values. It also determines a corporate culture that was no longer vague. Alphabet features similar elements, including the fonts, but it developed a separate message and unique branding elements. If your brand hosts more products, differentiate them and keep them separately from the corporate brand. This is a different environment with its own public and expectations.

Keep It Friendly

Simplicity can be considered as the most important element of a logo design. Simple logos are easy to understand because they are more adaptable than complex ones. There’s nothing complex about McDonald’s golden arches, Apple’s apple, or Nike’s tick. A simple yet effective logo always fosters brand loyalty and customer recognition. The easier and simpler your logo design is to recognize, the more effective it is. A logo that uses minimal elements is important for a brand as it can easily create a bridge between the audiences with a business. Take Cocola as an example, and this is a straightforward yet elegant logo that is considered one of the famous logo designs in the world. Logo design phoenix is pleased to shares ideas and views to establishing your brand and identity through designing logos in Phoenix, AZ.

Nowadays, branding believes much on the emotional side of the people. The thought of impressing the consumers with the product quality is now long gone. Preferences and requirements of public demand should be considered while Google branding.